Important Water Heater Safety Notice from the city

So-Cal Plumbing and Water Heaters is a family-owned business established by Jason Markoski in 2003. Jay (Jason) is originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and has spent time living in Boston and Florida. While on the East Coast, he put himself through school by working part-time jobs and doing basic handyman work. In1999, Jay decided that the cold snowy winters of Massachusetts were undesirable and sought out a sunnier Southern California.

Jay started learning the plumbing trade while working as an apprentice for a building owner in Los Angeles, CA. For 2 years, he enhanced his handyman skills and became proficient with the basics of plumbing. Jay continued to broaden his experience and focused his attention on further developing his plumbing skills. An opportunity presented itself in San Diego, so he moved and began work laying residential plumbing for new condominiums in the Downtown Ball Park area.

In 2005, Jay temporarily relocated to San Francisco where he continued to develop his knowledge of plumbing to include water heater installation and repair. He obtained his plumbing contractors license and began doing bathroom remodels and water heater work. After a year, Jay returned to San Diego where he currently resides with his wife and infant son.

So-Cal Plumbing and Water Heater continues to grow through referrals and repeat work from existing customers, and is expanding its clientele through different marketing venues. We hope you consider our family business for your plumbing and water heater needs.

-Thank you, So-Cal Plumbing & Water Heaters  

"For anything from simple home repairs that take just a few minutes to larger projects stretching over weeks, I've seen consistency and a responsible attitude toward his work."

Susan Rodak
Carlsbad, CA


"Thanks for your fast and efficient service. I will start using you (for plumbing work) from now on."

Brett Soliday, President
Solid Restoration
Oceanside, CA